Clan Ranks and Tags

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Clan Ranks and Tags

Post by Jaaros on Tue Nov 15, 2016 11:01 pm

Clan tags are |BoS|NAME[RANK]

Ranking are being worked on as we go, so Keep looking for changes and new challenges!

Supreme Council
Clan Leader(s)

Most likely will not achieve this rank.

Admin is only gained when leader's of the Brotherhood deem certain individuals capable of keeping peace within the server/forums and clan.

Shadow Squad
Saberist Side

The Shadow Squad, born and raised within the shadows, trained through punishment and adapted to darkness, is the front line of the Brotherhood, they are tasked with infiltration and protecting the mercenaries from those that threaten them. The shadow Squad Specialize in Melee combat and show they are not to be trifled with!

Shadow Lord[SL]
Leadder of the Shadow Squad, to achieve this rank, You must be the highest skilled saberist, be able to 1v2, know all styles and combo's, competent at all thing's saberist. show that you can lead the Shadow Squad to victory, To train and teach the lower ranks of this squad, schedule training days and event's for saberists.

Shadow Legionnaire[SLG]
Second in command of the Shadow Squad, To achieve this rank, You must have shown that you have the leadership skills necessary to help the Shadow Lord, You must show skills with all styles of Combat (cyan,blue,yellow,red,purple)

Shadow Master[SMR]
To achieve this rank,

Shadow Inquisitor[SI]
To achieve this rank, You must be confident with blue,yellow and red, no slapping, and must be able to force whore decently in a 2v1 scenario. Beginning to show leadership qualities.

Shadow Marauder[SM]
To Achieve this rank,

Shadow Juggernaut[SJ]
To achieve this rank, You must be able to M block, P block, combo with multiple styles /challenge/Without Slapping!

Shadow Warrior[SW]
To Achieve this rank you need to show that you can half swing and p block with Yellow And Blue and be able to defeat Acolyte's decently.

Shadow Apprentice[SAP]
To achieve this rank you need to at-least show that you can Half swing and combo with Yellow style.

Shadow Acolyte[SA]
The fresh, new player's go here after there trial period! This rank indicates that you need work to be competent to hold a Lightsaber!

Shadow Mercenaries
Gunner Side

Leader of the Shadow Mercenaries! Master of all gunner classes, can be an extreme challenge to all those opposing,

Field Marshal[FMrs]
Second in command of the Shadow Mercenaries!

Third highest rank obtainable, fully mastered the concept of gunner, respected leader. Proficient with every gunner class.

Mastered at least six gunner classes, able to lead troops proficiently in battle,  ability to train troops in the ways of gunning.

Mastered at least four gunner classes, able to defeat any other class in single combat.

Mastered at least two gunner classes, ability to adapt to any situation

Mastered at least one gunner class, beginning to gain respect as a leader.

First gunner leadership rank, beginning to perfect gunning, shows leadership qualities.

Second gunner rank, fully learned the concept of gunning.

Very first gunner rank, beginning to learn the basics of gunning.


Novice will be for new member's as a trial period.


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